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Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word meaning "Science of Life", is a holistic system of medicine that has been practiced in India for more than 5,000 years. It was described in ancient times by Rishis or realized beings who practised intense meditation and other spiritual disciplines. As a result they understood the relationship between man, the universe and how the cosmic energy manifests in all things. They perceived that life is energy manifesting as five basic elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

In the human body, these elements manifest as Tridosha - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The three principles govern all the biological and psychological functions of the body and mind. When there is an imbalance in the Tridosha, Agni, the biological fire that controls metabolism, is affected. The body's immune system is impaired, food is not digested or absorbed, but instead accumulates as toxins. Ayurveda teaches that unless these toxins are eliminated first, treatment will not affect the underlying cause of illness. So a large part of this system of healing is directed towards purifying the body. Ayurveda's aim is to re-establish the innate balance of a body's different elements. As each individual is a unique combination of doshas, treatments are personalised using herbal medicines and oils specific to each constitution. These treatments restore the body's proper balance and functioning, bringing back harmony and vitality.

Ayurveda and Massage Treatments

Ayurvedic treatment, panchakarma detoxification therapy and ayurvedic rejunvenation oil massages are available throughout the year to ashram guests. Treatments, massages and medicines are at an added cost to the daily ashram donation.

A resident ayurveda doctor is available for consultations and treatment. For further enquiries contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Treatments at the Sivananda Institute for Health are not available to students participating in the TTC or ATTC Programme during the course times.

Treatments offered by Sivananda Institute of Health (SIH)

Ayurvedic Treatments


  Duration *Price (Rs)
Panchakarma Detoxification Programme 14 days Click here
Panchakarma 14 days 32,000
Panchakarma 21 days 42,000
Rejuvenation Massage (Massage with oil) 1 hour 1000
Udvarthanam (Powder Massage) 3 days 4500
Head Massage with Nasyam (Nasal Drops) 3 days 3600
Kizhi (Massage with hot bundles) 3 days 7000
Massage with Shirodhara (Oil) 3 days 7000
Navarakizhi (Rice milk bundle) 3 days 7500
Massage and herbal steam bath 1day 1300
Massage and herbal steam bath 3 days 3750
Massage with Hip Bath (Sitting in medicated warm water) 3 days 4300

Please note:

Prices do not include accommodation

Prices are approximate and may change without notice.

Panchakarma treatment and cost may change according to your condition.


Preventive and/or curative treatment of a minimum of 14 days, to detoxify and cleanse the body and mind. This treatment should reinforce the immune system and leave the body healthier, stronger and free from chronic ailments.

Procedure in two steps:

  1. Preparation stage: help the body liquefy the toxins and eliminate them naturally through 2 processes performed daily during the treatment:
    1. oleation: oiled massage and oral administration of oily substances
    2. sudation: vigorous pounding all over the body with hot packs filled with medicinal powder or leaf (kizhi)
  2. Elimination of the toxins from the body after 3 to 7 days of treatment ,with vomiting, purgation, medicated enemas (a minimum of 3 oil enemas and 1 decoction) and nasal administration of medicated oil (nasyam)


HerbsProcess by which the whole body or specific parts are made to sweat by the application of warmed medicine herb powder, leaf or hot rice tied into a cotton cloth.

Purpose - to liquefy and help eliminate toxins, to release the pain of strained muscles (sciatica etc.) and give flexibility to the body.


Inhalation of medicated oil drops, usually done after a massage.

Purpose - to purge and rejuvenate tissues and organs of the head and neck (nose, larynx, ears, eyes). Improves oxygenation which has a direct influence on brain functioning. Treats sinus congestion, cold, sinusitis, allergies, headaches, migraines etc.


HerbsProcess by which medicated oil (thailadhara), or a decoction of herbs with buttermilk and gooseberries (takradhara), is poured in a continuous stream on the forehead for a period 20 to 30 minutes. Enhances the effect of Panchakarma and calms the mind and emotions.


Recommended for more severe problems of the senses, mental disturbance, rheumatism and for kapha people.


Good for all sensory problems (eyes,ears, nose, mouth), rheumatism, heart problems, diabetes and general fatigue. Recommended to balance vata or pita persons and to give relaxation to the mind.

Panchakarma Detoxification Programme

During this two week programme five Ayurvedic treatments (panchakarma) are used to remove toxins and help the body overcome disease under the expert supervision of the resident doctor. The programme includes lessons on Ayurveda, master check up with blood screen, advice how to assess your constitution and diet. Participants can also benefit from the ashram programme.

More information on Panchakarma Detoxification Programme.

Ayurvedic Wellness Course

This two week course held at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram, Neyyar Dam is an introduction to Ayurveda, the Science of Life, an ancient Indian holistic approach to achieving and maintaining good health.

The purpose of the course is to give a beginners understanding of the principles of Ayurveda such that one can adjust one's own lifestyle, and share beneficial information with family, friends, colleagues, for improved health.

More information on Ayurvedic Wellness Course.

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