Private classes

Do you want to practise but can't attend in our regular scheduele? Or do you need to have a class at your own pace and require a personal attention?Or do you want to go deeper into your practice?

Whatever is your reason the centre offer private classes either in our centre or at your place in a radius of 3 kms our centr.

According to your needs and scheduele we can provide a single private class or a 10 pass class.

For further details and availability, please inquiry within in the reception or contact us.

Donation Fees:

At the Centre:

  • 1 Single Class: 650 Rs
  • 10 Pass Class 6.500 Rs


At Home or Office:

  • 1 Single Class: 750 Rs
  • 10 Pass Class 8,500 Rs (Within a radius of 3kms only from the Centre)

Other private/special classes

Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga can help pregnant womans to create a calming effect on the mind, keeping their body active and muscles supple, minimize the common pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness and constipation, ease the labour experience and lead to a smooth delivery by relieving the tension around the cervix area particularly and the birth canal and opening the pelvis. Specially adapted postures prepare the body for a peaceful birth of the newborn and the following post-natal months.


At the moment we offer yoga for pregnancy in as private class. For furher details and availability, please inquiry in the reception  or contact us.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a style of yoga that is far less strenuous than the other forms. This class is very beneficial for senior citizens, individuals recuperating from injuries as well as for those wanting a more relaxed workout. It will help in attaining increased general mobility, improved general health, enhanced well-being and gain in the overall flexibility of the body. The class includes easy basic postures with some variations, breathing exercises, and a longer relaxation.


At the moment we offer gentle yoga as a private class. For furher details and availability, please inquiry in the reception  or contact us.